Hope Christine
Not only does my daughter looks forward to and enjoys attending Jams Athletics, but I can also rely on them to be there when I need them. During this COVID- 19 Season, I have become extremely vocal about my concerns regarding my daughter's health and Virtual Learning. ( Extremely is an understatement... ) Coach John spoke with me for a couple of hours to make sure I was utterly comfortable reintroducing my daughter to the camp environment this past summer in the middle of The Covid-19 Pandemic. Coach Lauren personally reached out to me about my daughter being involved in competition cheer this year, and we spoke about how she planned on going over and beyond to keep the girls safe. Coach Lydia is super impressive, she always calls me back no matter the day or the hour, to address any concerns I have Coach Nashawn Always stays cool while I VENT and express my frustration with Jams, Virtual School, and how the Coronavirus cases and death continue to increase. (He probably thinks he is doing his new position all wrong.. but he is doing a great Job) and Coach Danielle makes you feel like you are part of the family. She is always there with a smile and open ears. No matter what it is about. She makes sure the right people hear your concerns when you have them. I have seen a change in the direction of Jams athletics over the past year, and I believe it is moving in a positive direction. No, I can not say they are perfect, but what I can say is they care for my daughter as she is theirs. I can trust them with her life. Every day I drop her off knowing she is in a safe environment, and they will do whatever they can to make sure she is taken care of, and sometimes that means going over and beyond. They help instill confidence and teamwork. I am happy Jams Athletics is apart of my Village because it takes a village to raise a child.
TheGodDez One
Listen people my child has been with Jams athletics for approximately 4 years and I haven’t had one issue... I love how they provide transportation from my child’s school and assist with homework... My child also does competition cheer with them and they are amazing....
michelle ridgeway
I was looking for a place for summer camp that would provide a lot of activities for my child and I struck gold with JAMS. They offer a wide variety of activities. Spending the summer watching tv was not going to happen. The staff is always helpful and show real concern for the kids.
Their really really good. Ms. Marsh is the director she is very courteous, and professional, she really have a care and concern about the kids. My daughter sometimes don't want to leave at pickup. I definitely would encourage this place. My daughter has been here a YEAR so my review is unbiased really. I don't have a complaint yet. Like all companies start with the head down. Once again I definitely recommend.
heny riggins
My daughter is enrolled in the summer camp program, she has been having the best time since being here and she always mentions how the coaches are so nice to her. She is slowly but surly becoming for flexible and understanding the concept of athletics (stunts, cheering, even basketball). I was so pleased with JAMS that I am pulling her from her old before and after program to keep my daughter at JAMS year round!
Tiawanna Rhodes
My son look forward to going to Jam’s Athletics each day! I feel comfortable knowing that the staff has his best interest. The director, Ms. Marsh is very understanding and patient with the children. The available pick-up and drop-off times, location, and prices are very convenient. This is my son’s second year and I would recommend JAM’s Athletics!
Andria Brown
My daughter started the afterschool program in Aug 2017. I have been very satisfied with the customer service and program. She has learned so much about cheer and dance in such a short period of time! This summer (2018) Mr Brad passed unexpectantly and Jams staff and family still showed up daily and kept the program running to serve our kids. I know how much hard work it is to run a childcare program and deal with the loss of a loved one.